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Welcome to the world of the Ridlingtons! It's the first in a series - "The Six Pearls of Baron Ridlington" - and yes, the new Baron himself, Edmund Ridlington, is the star of Book One. He is the Landlocked Baron, a sailor at heart. He always knew he'd have to leave the sea to assume the title at some point, and that time has arrived. But the Baronetcy is penniless, the house in poor shape...and there are five other Ridlingtons to provide for. Edmund needs help—and he'll find it, but it will be more than just an extra pair of hands... The five brothers and sisters will feature in the upcoming books, so watch for their stories as the year moves on!

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So here are my books, in all their glory.

I'm doing my best to prune down unnecessary information and keep up with technology, so this site should play nicely with tablets and smartphones, as well as desktops and laptops. Fingers crossed. My books are grouped by genre, and if you click on the cover you'll go to Amazon, where they obligingly allow you to read a few pages. You can also buy them there, or if you're a Kindle Unlimited member, you can pick them up for free. That's about as easy as I can make it... Subscribe to my newsletter (link on right) if you'd like up-to-date info on what I'm writing or if there are any current contests going on, and be sure to follow me on Amazon. They'll let you know about releases! You'll notice a search button at the bottom of the page - if you're hunting for a special book, try looking there?

My Bio

Born and raised in England, I grew up with a love of books that was encouraged by my school system and the wonderful literary traditions that lurk around so many British corners. Dickens was a natural, Thomas Hardy and Daniel Defoe soon followed, but my greatest pleasures came from Jane Austen, who lived not far from where I grew up. A new life began across the Atlantic, and I rediscovered my book collection, taking it a step further - writing my first book and signing a contract weeks before my son made his debut into the world. Since then - with an appropriate interval of at-home motherhood - the newly-developing digital world offered an attractive lure and, as they say, that was that. I'm now an "Indie" publisher; which means that not only do I write the books, but I publish them myself. That independence has opened doors for me to write the stories I want to write the WAY I want to write them. And it's been quite liberating. I'm presently working on a new Regency series, but I also have the rights back to some older books, a Gothic Horror series that needs finishing, and ideas for new stories... There aren't any limitations any more on my writing. And that, dear readers, is a good thing for us all.

Let's get together...

Meeting readers is always a joy and I hope to attend a few events where I can do just that in 2017. Here's what's going onto my schedule at the moment.

All About the Indies All About The Indies - 2017. If you're in Northern Virginia in February, I hope you'll come and visit this great event devoted to independently published Authors! It's a day of fun, books and stories - and a chance to see local writers in their natural habitat, not to mention win a really nice raffle basket of goodies. :)

The Historical Romance Retreat 2017. The Historical Romance RetreatI'm so excited to announce that I will be joining some of the best historical authors in the known Universe come autumn. The Historical Romance Retreat will unleash a group of gowned ladies on Spokane, Washington, the last week in September. And yes, I'll be one of 'em, swishing around a gorgeous hotel in all my Austenian finery! Please click on the image to find out more - there's so much going on I don't have room for all the exciting details.