You can never have too many books!

So said Thomas Jefferson. And he was absolutely right.


Today's romances, featuring characters you might meet everyday. Not all of them are ordinary of course...


Some dark, some light, some definitely otherwordly. Includes the Fae, vampires and other strange creatures.


From Ancient Sumer, to the Middle Ages, to the Regency. Costumes not required, but hey - have fun.

Hot off the presses...the latest books!

New from Sahara Kelly

Not your usual Fairy Tales

Take a Beast, a Dragon and toss in half a dozen or so of your favorite Princesses dishing their dirt. It's a laugh-along anthology from S.L. Carpenter and Sahara Kelly. And one that will require a couple of glasses of iced water as well.

A brand new regency romance

Sir Lucius "Mad Devil" Gordon is down to his last penny and has no choice but to seek a bride who can pay off his debts. What he gets is a woman who does so much more... Julia Willoughby refuses to admit her mis-matched wedding might just be the best thing that ever happened to her, but the truth - and love - will out!

Latest Book in Print

Feels So Right

There are more than a few of my books available in print. I love a print book as much as anyone, but I am aware of the budgetary restraints we all experience. So I use them for signings, and sometimes for contest prizes. Sadly, I cannot offer them at any lower price than Amazon, because of the affiliations there. But I still enjoy publishing them and knowing there are many folks who will appreciate that new-book smell!!!

This particular paperback was co-written with my literary partner and best friend S.L. Carpenter. A fine author in his own right, Scott and I teamed up many years ago to share a unique writing experience. And we've been doing it ever since! You'll see his name on several book in my library. I encourage you to visit his website, find him and friend him on Facebook, and please check out our co-written books? We love to laugh when we get together...I think it shows in our writing. :)

Audio Books

I have one book available in audio and hope to produce more over time. If you're interested, you can find this one at Amazon and ACX, the two major audiobook suppliers. It's a wonderfully immersive experience, and my compliments - always - to Mark Norman, who narrates this Regency with true British style.

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