Sahara Kelly

Welcome to my Website

If you like romance, in all its shapes, forms, and colors, you're in the right place. The above menu will take you to pages where you'll find all my books sorted (mostly) by genre, and also the newest Sahara Kelly adventure - Colorful Chronicles. Coloring books for adults built around historical themes, fantasies, and fairy tales. I hope you find something you'll enjoy here, and that you'll let me know if you do.


I believe in romance.

Is there anything better than settling down with a good book? No matter how you choose to read them - digitally or paper - stories can take you to new places, thrill you with wild adventures, and make you laugh - or sometimes even shed a tear. Writing novels about all these things over so many years has brought me more joy than I could ever have imagined. I hope you'll find some joy of your own in my books. Why not take a look at them and see?

My Vision

I dream of a world where everyone has access to books, not just romance novels, but all the literature there is, because reading is fundamental to our existence.

My Mission

Do I have a mission? I suppose my hope that every day a reader will find one of my books they enjoy would pretty much cover it!

My Goal

To keep my novels entertaining, appealing, and filled with characters we'd all like to sit down with and share a drink!

My Upcoming/Latest Releases

Up for preorder or just released, you'll find purchase links to all my books associated with the cover images. Many are available for Kindle Unlimited readers, and more than a few titles are also available for pretty much every other digital reader you might be using.

An Excellent Notion
Now and Then

I am a cross-genre writer.

Although almost all my books are romances, they span genres from Science Fiction to Historical, and a lot of stuff in between. (I like to get out of my comfort zone occasionally.) I also have more than a few series. Come and find out more - just click on "BOOKS" in the menu at the top of the page, and select your area of interest.

The Historical category is the largest, so if you've time, go ahead and browse the entire page. (And bless your heart for doing so!)

You'll note that some books are available at several vendors - those are the ones with two links beneath, one for Amazon, one for other reading devices.

Thank you for your interest - don't forget you can email me anytime. I love to hear from readers!